Our pets love us unconditionally, and
they rely on us to protect them
and make informed decisions about
their health.

One of the hardest issues we deal with is
- what to do when our aging pets are
suffering due to painful joints?

 At Hope Science Vet we are committed
to provide you with the best science-based
solution, so your pet can enjoy a happier,
more active life. 

Where did the name Hope Science come from?

Dr. Vanderlinden, the founder of Hope Science,
had a new patient come to his office.

Despite having had 3 back surgeries
over a 20 year span, he was still
suffering from chronic unrelenting pain.

In front of his adult daughter, the patient
said his pain was so bad for so long,
that he wished he could end his life, however
he was simply too scared to do so.

Dr. Vanderlinden had the patient apply
Restore pain cream while
he took notes on his condition.

10 minutes later Dr. Vanderlinden
noticed that the patient's eyes
were much brighter, and asked him
what was happening?

The patient replied that for the first time
in years he was feeling relief.

The patient was no longer talking
suicide and Dr. Vanderlinden could see
that "Hope" had returned to this patients eyes.

Hope is the essence of medicine

Patient's visit their physician with the hope
that their condition will improve.

Science is of course the foundation of medicine
and reason for hope.

Hence the name Hope Science
Real Hope Thanks to Great Science

  Meet Betsy  
 Her story will warm your heart 
 By age 7, Betsy would often have to be pulled in this red cart 
 as she could not finish her walks. 

For 5 years she had taken glucosamine with minimal results.

When it was really bad she also took NSAIDS or non-steroidal drugs.

 One day when she was being pulled in her cart,
she met Teal and her dad, Dr. Kim. 

 Teal insisted they try and help Betsy.
So they gave Betsy Joint Care for pets
by Hope Science. 
Just 6 days later Teal and her dad
saw Betsy walking happily along
without her cart.

Betsy's family was so appreciative,
they never expected such a dramatic improvement.

 As you can see, Betsy loves surfing.  

She was so much better, she was able to ride the waves again!

 Betsy is now 12 years old and has been giving back. 

Betsy raises money for shelter pets
less fortunate than her.

 Meet Duke the "Underdog" 

 He has an incredible story to

 As a puppy, the Humane Society
said Duke was antisocial both
with other puppies and people
due to severe pain. 
 Despite the Humane Society
saying Duke was “Un-adoptable”,
he found a loving home.  

 For years he was loved
and well cared for. 

 In time however, Duke
got progressively worse. 

 His keeper was experiencing
tremendous guilt
for keeping him alive,
as he was in so much pain.  
 Duke had given so much
despite the odds stacked
against him.  

 Duke’s keeper was torn... 

 However, she made the
appointment to end his suffering
the next day.  

Later that same day, remarkably
his keeper who was a manager
at a veterinary office, learned of
Hope Science’s joint care product.

In just ONE day Duke’s pain had
improved just enough, that the
appointment to end his life
was cancelled.

Duke experienced a dramatic
and steady improvement in
the days that followed

Less than a week later,
Duke was running for

If you need a good cry,
read the whole testimonial


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Duke: An Underdog’s Story

Duke had serious physical challenges from birth – he was unable to run his entire life. When he was 9,
due to unrelenting pain, Duke was about to be put down. Read about his remarkable recovery.
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