About Hope Science Vet

At Hope Science Vet we are committed to providing you the very best natural, science-based solution, so your pet can enjoy a happier, more active life.

Hope Science Vet’s founder, Dr. Kim Vanderlinden, has always been grateful for our furry friends. When he was six years old he was drowning, his uncle’s black lab, Cindy, rushed into the river, lifted his head out of the water and dog paddled him to shore. She saved his life, literally.

Flash forward to today, using Hope Science Vet oils, Dr. Vanderlinden often witnessed remarkable joint health results with his patients and family; his dad is a great example. He had fallen and broke his heel in 5 places. For 15 years his dad had trouble walking due to stiffness and pain. Even after years of glucosamine, typically two or three blocks was often as far as he could walk. He almost had to drag his foot, since he could place very little weight on his heel. Dr. Vanderlinden gave his dad Hope Science Vet and within a month he was able to walk three or four miles without stiffness and pain. It had been more than a decade since he was able to walk this far! His dad is now in his 80’s and still walks several miles most days.

After seeing it consistently help his people patients, Dr. Vanderlinden gave some to a friend for their dog Petey. They had Petey, a Shepherd cross, ever since he was a pup and he was now 15-years-old. For the past several months Petey often had “accidents” in the house where he lay. He had a very difficult time standing and getting up and so he could not make it to the door to go outside. It was very difficult on Petey’s owners witness to his dramatic decline. After a few weeks of Hope Science Vet oils, Petey could get up much more easily and did not have anymore “accidents” in the house. Petey was able to go for walks again and was happy once more. Petey’s quality of life was greatly improved.

Hope Science Vet helps most of the time, even in some difficult cases like Petey or Dr. Vanderlinden’s dad. Because Hope Science Vet consistently improves joint health, the company is able to provide it risk free. If it does not help your pet, simply return it for a full refund.

Gum health vastly improved
Dr. Vanderlinden’s wife is a dental hygienist. From her he knew that even when people brushed, flossed and had their teeth cleaned regularly, that for many, healthy gums were often very hard to achieve. If people had gingival challenges, despite doing so much preventive care, then surely gum health would be a concern for many pets. Again clinical research was performed in people and pets. The results were simply outstanding and these results provided the foundation for Hope Science Vet. Never had people or pets achieved an improvement in their gum health so quickly and so easily.

Outstanding Science  –  Committed People  –  Great Results