Fibromyalgia EFAC

46 year old male with a history of generalized achiness and pain associated with fibromyalgia. As a pilot he was quite limited with choice of medications. We initiated a program with use of EFAC on a p.r.n. basis. His use was primarily when flying or when required to lift any objects for any extended period of time. His relief was significant the vast majority of time except when sleeping on a poor hotel bed. We found that when he combined light stretching with the use of EFAC in the morning, the pain discomfort was reduced by 50% as opposed to stretching alone.

62-year-old female with a complicated history of multiple comorbidities including fibromyalgia. She was looking for solution that was natural that would not stress her liver or kidneys because of serious issues with these organs. We began her on a course of EFAC caps two t.Ld. for 60 days and in reducing to 2 caps b.Ld.. She also used EFAC cream p.r.n. for pain and achiness associated with a fibromyalgia. After 45 days she began to experience relief significant enough to improve her sleep. After this time she began to see much greater gains in her pain reduction as well as functionally in her activity of daily living.

61 year old female with a history of fibromyalgia and neck pain as well as migraine headaches that she’s tried medications for but had difficulty with side effects. She had been through pain clinics and said the most productive thing that came out of that was relaxation techniques that were somewhat helpful. We initiated using EFAC cream on the suboccipitals and upper trapezius bilaterally as well as along the medial border of the scapula bilaterally. Patient reported that 50-70% of the time she was able to get significant amount of relief. Relief otherwise was minor. The excess amount of activities were usually associated with minimal relief.

64-year-old male that presents with history of fibromyalgia that began after surgery. He stated that the anesthesia and other medications made him very achy and groggy and that this had progressively become worse over the last year. He began a course of detoxifying him. Part of his overall program included EFAC caps a dose of 2 t.Ld. that he continued for course of 120 days. After this time he was able to reduce to one t.Ld. which continues to mitigate fibromyalgia symptoms.

34-year-old female who presents with an extensive history of health issues. Her primary concerns was finding a natural solution to reduce pain from her fibromyalgia without medication or interfering with her current medications. She began a course of 2 EFAC caps t.Ld.. She did not experience any relief until approximately 90 days after which pain slowly began to let up. We recommended the patient gradually reduce her dose to one t.Ld. however the patient was unwilling to do that. The patient continues to take 2 caps t.L.d. with continued relief

33 year old female with a complaint of fibromyalgia of 8 years duration after an accident that initiated her progressively worsening symptoms. She’s been to physical therapy as well as seminars on relaxation and self-care for pain. These have been intermittently helpful however she has not been able to get lasting results. We suggested the use of EFAC cream which she began almost immediately. After her initial uses she experienced a 50% reduction in her pain as well as improved range of motion in her shoulders and cervical spine. We suggested the use of her cream on trigger points at the superior medial angle of the scapula’s as well as the sub occipital regions. She found this gave her relief. She’s been able to use the EFAC cream along with the techniques and stretches that she had learned previously and together has been able to obtain lasting relief for about 90% of her symptoms.

48 year old female with history of migraines and fibromyalgia-like symptoms that she’s been experiencing for the last 3 years. Though she wasn’t now, she had been working in a factory that had initiated her symptoms. In addition to her adjusting program, we suggested the use of EFAC cream palliatively to the areas affected as well as on the temporalis muscle bilaterally. She said she got almost immediate relief from the intensity of her headaches and mild to moderate from her fibromyalgia symptoms. Over the course of the next 6 weeks her symptoms gradually lessened in intensity and frequency. With the addition of an exercise program and EFAC cream immediately afterwards the patient had 90% to 100% relief.

34 year old female that presents with a recently diagnosed case of fibromyalgia. She is very opposed to using any of the recommended medications and sought a natural solution. Pain is primarily focused across the shoulders and between the shoulder blades. Home stretches and nutritional changes that minimize inflammation helped mitigate some of the symptoms. Introduction of the EFAC cream provided same day relief. She continue use the cream and nutritional changes to minimize inflammation over the next several months with symptoms completely resolving after 15 weeks.

41 year old male who presented with chronic fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, and migraines. He had tried multiple treatments over the last 16 years with little and no relief. We initiated a program which included the EFAC cream primarily focusing on short-term symptom relief. When the patient used the cream early on in the exacerbation relief was significant.