Research conducted at a Canadian University showed truly great results at restoring gum health in cats.

Researchers found that the cats in which EFAC Periodontal was applied directly to their gums, saw the gum tissue return to a healthy state. Whereas the cats that received the placebo oil had little or no improvement.

Researchers also reported that the normally finicky cats, even got used to and liked the flavor of the oil after a few days. When pets like the flavor, it makes applying the oil to the gums so much easier.

Outstanding results were reported in a university conducted clinical trial after just 2 weeks. When the trial data was presented at the annual California state dental meeting, the researchers received awards.

The pocket depths surrounding teeth is a standard measurement used when assessing gingival health. The other primary parameter, is whether the gum tissue bleeds when the pocket depths are measured. Often swollen, red gums will bleed as a result of the measuring probe coming in contact with the unhealthy gum tissue, whereas healthy pink gum tissue typically does not bleed. Both pocket depth and the number of bleeding sites greatly improved, indicating vastly improved gingival health for the people being evaluated. The results of this trial reinforced the results seen in the San Diego trial.

Dramatic improvement to the health of people’s gums was reported in a clinical trial conducted at independent dental offices in San Diego.

Every dental office reported outstanding results. Most of the dentists were very surprised, as restoring gum health is traditionally very difficult to achieve.

Research conducted at Boston University showed profound benefits to gingival health when EFAC Periodontal oils were applied directly to the gums.

Research was published twice in the very highly esteemed, Journal of Periodontology. The oils were found promising in preventing bone loss, inflammatory cell infiltration, and connective tissue destruction.