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Restore™ oils showed high success rates when used with dogs that had joint issues.

Subjective comments revealed that 75% of pet parents noted improvement in their pet’s daily quality of life. Common observations were that the animals “seemed happier”, “more energetic” and “to have better temperament”. Information obtained from questionnaires indicated that the dogs exhibited improved gait, stair climbing and affect. There was a consistent pattern among participants for improved vitality and function. In summary, the data suggests that Restore™ oils can be used to assist dogs with joint health challenges.

Please note that how research is conducted with our pets is often different than research conducted with people, simply because our pets cannot tell researchers how they feel. This is why feedback from pet parents is so valuable.

Restore™ oils used topically for pain relief and improved function in 3 published clinical trials.

These 3 clinical trials were conducted on people and again demonstrated outstanding results. The results were published in the leading peer-reviewed publications- The Journal of Rheumatology and The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

Restore™ oils are used in the form of a topical pain cream. Please note that the cream is not intended to be ingested. As such, the cream is not applicable for cats and dogs, as they often lick themselves. The primary use of the cream is for people. However, several owners and trainers use the cream with their horses. Active Again oils have been tested and they do not have steroidal properties. Therefore, the cream can safely be used with race or competition horses.

For dog and cat owners that want to take advantage of using Restore™ topically, there is a way to do so. Restore™ capsules are intended to be ingested. Therefore, you can simply open the capsules and squeeze the oily paste on to your cat or dog. Please note that this is a bit messy. Then if by chance your pet licks and consumes the oil they will potentially receive the joint health benefits as well.

The cream was researched by a very highly regarded professor. The “Outstanding Sports Scientist of the Year Award” is called the William Kraemer Award. Professor Kraemer conducted the 3 pain cream trials. This is important because with Professor Kraemer’s experience, we trust  that the trial design was extremely precise and the great results reproducible.

First Prize Awarded (out of 90 papers), Scripps Medical Conference, San Diego, CA, 2007

93 patients with knee joint health issues were provided Restore™ oils or placebo. Presumably patients with knee concerns walk slower due to stiffness and/or pain.

The results were truly outstanding. Not only was pain reduced for those given Restore™ oils, the distance these people could walk in 6 minutes was greatly improved. Very importantly the placebo group did not improve and so the results were not simply due to improved fitness levels.

The Restore™ group were able to walk more than 200 feet extra after 2 weeks, more than 300 feet extra after 4 weeks and more than 500 feet extra after 8 weeks- remarkable!

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Restore™ Improves Knee Functions in O.A. Patients, Journal of Rheumatology, 2002

This placebo controlled trial investigated whether these oils could be used to treat osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee. The overall function of the knees, as well as the range of motion improved in patients that received Restore™ oils.

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