EFAC Periodontal

Improve Your Pets Oral Health Naturally
EFAC Periodontal supports healthy gums and fresher breath, naturally. Results are the best ever seen in clinical trials, for pets and people.

70 to 80% of adult dogs and cats 3 or more years old have oral health concerns. Our pets can’t talk to us about their oral discomfort. It is up to us to be aware of any oral health challenges they have.

Brushing and Dental Cleanings are Usually Not Enough 
Half of Americans more than 30 years old have gum concerns, even though most adults brush and take care of their teeth and gums. Simply stated, there is more to oral health than brushing, flossing and having one’s teeth cleaned. Pets rarely receive as good of dental care as people, and this is why EFAC Periodontal is even more important for pets.

Oral Health Impacts Overall Health
Please keep in mind that if your pet has lost of is at risk of losing teeth, then their general health may be at risk too, as science has now clearly shown that oral health impacts our general health.

Natural Support for Healthy Gums & Fresher Breath