Natural Hip and Joint Support

Clinically Shown To Be
The Best Science Has To Offer

Natural Gum Health Support

The Best Results Ever Seen In Clinical Trials
For Pets and People
Available at Pet Stores That
Care As Much About Your
Furry Friends As You Do


EFAC for Pets

Restore Joint Health, Improve Mobility

Active Again for joint health promotes flexibility and mobility, naturally. It lubricates cell membranes in joints and throughout your pet’s body so they can move easier.

Supported by award winning research and science, this new approach to joint health has been shown to be faster and far superior to traditional glucosamine containing products.

The World’s Best Hip & Joint Support

EFAC Capsules

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EFAC Periodontal

Improve Your Pets Oral Health

DentaDyne compliments dental care and supports healthy gums and fresher breath, naturally. Results are the best ever seen in clinical trials, for pets and humans.

70 to 80% of adult dogs and cats 3 or more years old have oral health concerns. They can’t talk to us about their gum health, so it is up to us to be aware of any oral health challenges they have.

Natural Support for Healthy Gums & Fresher Breath

We are committed to providing you the very best science-based,
natural solutions so that your pet can enjoy a Happier, More Active Life

Duke: An Underdog’s Story

Duke had serious physical challenges from birth – he was unable to run his entire life. When he was 9,
due to unrelenting pain, Duke was about to be put down. Read about his remarkable recovery.

Supporting Pet Rescue

A portion of all Active Again and DentaDyne proceeds will be given to Angels Pet Rescue.
Angels is a remarkable organization that has saved thousands of pets. Click here to learn more about Angels

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