Supporting Dog and Cat Rescue

A portion of all proceeds from Hope Science Vet products is donated to M’Shoogy’s Pet Rescue And Angels Vet Express Low Cost Veterinarian Services.

This is a remarkable organization that has saved thousands of pets. To learn more about Angels, click here

“30 years ago we lived at the end of a road 50 miles north of Kansas City. Way too often dogs were being abandoned and left to die at the end of this road. My wife and I could not take it anymore and started a rescue. At one point we had over 800 dogs and 100 cats in the no-kill shelter. With so many in need, 14 years ago we began providing veterinary care and now see more than 100,000 pets a year.

We have a lot of older cats and dogs and have used a multitude of glucosamine containing joint health products. We switched to EFAC by Hope Science Vet, as the results were far better. We have seen EFAC work well, even in some really difficult cases.

I also tried EFAC on my knees. In weeks I was walking without my cane or knee brace, which I hadn’t done in years. On behalf of all the dogs, cats, horses, as well as myself, I thank you for this life changing product.” — Gary Silverglat,

M’Shoogy’s is a no-kill animal sanctuary that has been dedicated to saving the lives of abandoned, injured, and abused animals for many years.  The 22 acre refuge is located about 60 miles north of Kansas City in Savannah, Missouri and is currently home to several hundred dogs, cats, and other animals. They are currently at their capacity, in need of donations and volunteers. If you can help, please use the link below to make a donation: