From one of America’s Greatest Animal Advocates

“30 years ago we lived at the end of a road 50 miles north of Kansas City. Way too often dogs were being abandoned and left to die at the end of the road. My wife and I could not take it anymore and started a rescue. At one point we had over 800 dogs and 100 cats in the no-kill shelter. With so many in need, 14 years ago we began providing low cost veterinary care and now see more than 100,000 pets a year

We have a lot of older cats and dogs and have used a multitude of glucosamine containing joint products. We switched to Restore™, as the results were far better. We have seen Restore™ work well, even in some really difficult cases.

I also tried Restore™ on my knees. In weeks I was walking without my cane or knee brace, which I hadn’t done in years. On behalf of all the dogs, cats, horses, as well as myself, I thank you for this life changing product.”

Gary Silverglathttp://www.AngelsVetExpress.com www.mshoogys.org

Our dog, Abby, is 12 years old. She fell on ice a couple years ago and was subsequently diagnosed with torn ligaments in her knee. I heard from a friend of mine about his experience with a younger dog and how Restore™ helped them, so we decided to try it.

Within a few weeks the results were amazing, her mobility and flexibility increased greatly. Recently, we ran out of Restore™. Almost immediately, after running out, Abby slowed down dramatically. She started to walk very slowly – almost as if she was depressed – and was very slow in standing or laying down. After going back on Restore™, almost miraculously, she returned to her old self – loping around the yard and reinvigorated!

John and Mary Koss

Hi, my name is Betsy. When I was 6 years old I had to be pulled around in this cart, as I could not finish my walks. I had been taking glucosamine for years and also Rimadyl (similar to Ibuprofen) when it was really bad. I took Restore™ and 6 days later I was able to finish my walks without my cart. I was even able to surf again- I love surfing! I am now 12 years old, which I am told is old for a bulldog and doing pretty well.      Thank You Restore™!


I have a 15 year old dog that I was ready to have put to sleep. Everyday I was struggling with the thought and praying for a miracle. Well last month we were at what I thought would be our last camp out when a fellow camper seen her struggling to get up and recommended Restore™. She also had a older dog that has the same problems. Her vet had recommended it and said within 3 days it would work or it wouldn’t. It worked for her dog. My dog seemed to love the flavor of the capsules. After just 2 days her eyes were wide open and smiling! She didn’t just get up go eat her morning food and plop down and sleep for the rest of the day … She was wagging her tail walking around visiting everyone, Jumping around ALIVE again!!! We will use Restore™ for the rest of her life.

Geniene Iman

My Pomeranian went from limping and running on 3 legs with one of his rear legs held up…..to now after taking Restore™….he is running on all 4 legs. He is 16 years old and now after taking Restore™….he is happy and playful like a young puppy.
Thank You Doc for sharing this amazing product with the world!

Rick Carlin

Duke had serious physical challenges from birth – he was unable to run his entire life. When he was 9, due to unrelenting pain, Duke was about to be put down. Read about his remarkable recovery.

EFAC Periodontal
From a Leading Dental Educator

For 20 years I have taught oral care for pets. Other than “doggy breath” most pet owners are unaware of how oral health impacts general health. Achieving a healthy mouth for pets can be challenging. I have tried it all, and then some. No product has helped our pets like EFAC Periodontal. In addition to being easy to use, most dogs and even cats like the taste- many owners use EFAC Periodontal as a treat! I highly recommend EFAC Periodontal if you’re looking for results in healthy oral care.

Sylvia MacDonaldhttp://www.K9BriteBark.com

We are now one of the very busiest facilities in the US. We help more than 100,000 pets a year and the condition of so many of our patient’s gums is poor. Of all the products that we have used, none compare to EFAC Periodontal – not even close. Time and time again we see EFAC Periodontal do what nothing else could. Even in really difficult cases, EFAC Periodontal often works.

Also, unlike many things “dental”, EFAC Periodontal is affordable. EFAC Periodontal has been a real blessing. On behalf of all our patients and wonderful staff, thank you.

Gary Silverglathttp://www.AngelsVetExpress.com

My husband and I have 3 small dogs, two of whom have had serious tooth and gum problems. Both have had more than one surgical cleaning, and each has had loose teeth that had to be sewn back in because of bone and gum complications. Our veterinary surgeon, Dr. Laurinda Morris, provided our first EFAC Periodontal capsules for the dogs in the spring of 2011. Within weeks, our dogs’ gums looked healthy and pleasantly pink, and their breath had improved. A subsequent visit to Dr. Morris before Christmas made the good news official, their gums are healthy. Nothing we have ever done before has had such a beneficial effect.

When our daughter brought her two small dogs to visit, we began giving them Restore™ in the evening. They, too, showed improvement within weeks of beginning the treatment. Further, since one of them has a chronic back injury, we have been watching him for signs of improvement with that. His brother, whose old hip injury can cause considerable soreness, has been as spry as a puppy since beginning Restore™. Our daughter is sold!

In the reading we’ve done about the product, we discovered that you have a formula for humans too, and we began that program in the last month. An injury to the finger that has troubled my husband for 40 years has begun to diminish in its severity almost at once, making pain killers unnecessary. The finger, always swollen to at least twice normal size, is markedly less inflamed.

For me, knees are the problem. I had one replaced three years ago, and the after-effects were nightmarish. I resolved not to do the other one, even though I was told I needed to do so. I’ve managed, through diet and exercise, to keep away from the hospital. Since beginning Restore™, I notice that the untreated knee hardly “complains” at all. I am excited to continue with the product to see what can happen for me. The cream is remarkable for soreness as well.

So, from a recommendation by our vet 9 months ago about our two dogs, we now have 6 dogs and three humans who are enthusiastic about EFAC Periodontal and Restore™.

Lucia and Jay Weinroth